Training Videos

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We also offer these "Training Videos" in a "Download" (once downloaded they can be viewed 24/7) form to make it easy if your computer does not come with a CD/DVD or even if it does, it is malfunctioning!


These Videos are comprised of over one hundred - 2 to 3 minute Micro-Training Videos that show you how to perform tasks in Excel, or Word, or Outlook in the simplest way! They are in such simple detail that the beginner will easily grasp how to perform these tasks that are usually thought of as procedures that only the experts complete. Try a few of our Micro Training Videos and you will see how easy we make it to learn!


If you attend one of my Classroom Classes at McNeese State University SEED Center, or purchase my "Thumb Drive" with the "Training Videos'" Lessons, you will be able to access our Webinar that we teach once a week, FREE of Charge on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 1:00 PM!