Classroom Training

Usually we refer to "Classroom Training", to Training in the McNeese State University SEED Center in Lake Charles, LA when the Classes are comprised of 10 or more students. In this environment each student is supplied a Laptop to use during the Training as well as given the option to bring their own, as long as their computer is running the Windows 10 OS, and has Office 2016 or Office 365 loaded onto their system. This is to insure that the Lessons will be able to "run" properly during the Training.

In groups of 5 or less, we are able to teach them in our office or if they prefer, in their company facility if it has a "Training Room" that has a large screen or overhead projector that is functional and can be incorporated using our Laptop to teach from.

There are advantages to having other students in the Training Classroom. One in particular is that they are able to "share" information, as well as address different problems in a different office environment such as theirs. Some problems that they might have already gone through and found a remedy for, which can save time, which converts to saving money.

Another advantage is "Pricing"...the more the students the less pricing per student. The instructor makes a set fee and not according to the number of students. The disadvantage is multiple questions and multiple attention...