Corporate or Personal Needs


In this day and time, you will have a very difficult time qualifying for a job in the Corporate Workforce of today without computer skills of some kind! Corporations are dealing globally rather than merely door to door or city to city. You must have the ability to research the Internet for information without jeopardizing a corporate Server.

Home-Based Businesses

Even though you are building on a business out of your home, there are "rules", so to speak, that online companies expect you to follow if you are to interact with their industry on a small level. Without knowing how to abide by their criteria would eliminate your opportunity to use them as a Vendor.


Not only will essential Training help your bottom line with your Home Based business or corporation, this Training gives you the necessary tools to educate yourself on so many levels while doing your job or keeping your job.

Online Banking

There are so many people that are operating their Bank Accounts online improperly and have been lucky so far. Knowing how to properly safeguard your accounts should be first and foremost. So many students in my Classes are taken back when they find out how easily someone can steal your monies if given the open door to your network.


After Training a number of personnel in government organizations you try to make sure that they realize what line of Security they are operating in. Simple mistakes can have catastrophic effects without malicious intent. Take the time to Train...