Webinars Online

Because of Technology, from the speed connection of the Internet, as well as equipment it has greatly improved the ability to Teach Remotely! We are able to view the Instructor in "real time" and can actually "raise their hand", to ask a question during the Class, should the Instructor allow it! Questions can be typed out on a chat feed and if the Instructor sees that it is appropriate, he can address it or ask the students if enough people would like he will cover the tasks at that moment or will give them the option of staying Online to cover it.

Private Webinars can be booked for individual companies should the request be made. A One on One Webinar can be booked as well. We offer evening Webinars, should a group of 5 or more book a private class after 6:00 PM! If you decide to have a group from the office book the Evening Webinar, please make sure that each student that will be attending online, have their Internet Connection secure, their speakers turned on, and they have a pen and paper to jot down notes. After the Webinar, each student that attends, will be sent a link to Download over 100 of my "Training Videos" that show you the "Steps" that we went through during the Webinar Class online, to be viewed 24/7! These Videos have been purchased by hundreds of my clients throughout the US! And yes, they are made in America! These Videos insure that you have a "Reference" tool to always look back on, should you forget a step!