About Us

We are a computer Training Center! If you are looking to secure your career by acquiring knowledge needed to become an integral part of society 10 years from now, look no further. We have had years of experience teaching Computer Software Classes, such as "Microsoft Office", for over 20 years.


We began teaching in Houston in 1998 as a "Microsoft Solution Provider" Training Center. These Centers are now known as "Microsoft Partners". We began as "Domain USA" and now have educated thousands. Our teaching experience spans numerous States including Texas, Colorado, Florida and New York. Our "Video Learning CD's" have been distributed all over the USA. We are able to ship within 7 days because, we not only create the Lessons on the CD's, but we burn them and package them ourselves!

We have trained thousands of people and have been instrumental in securing jobs for individuals, as well taught groups in multi-million dollar corporations.

In my teachings and through my Newsletters I have always stressed that all people, young and old, do their best to learn as much as possible about how to use the "Microsoft Office Suite", which are applications such as Excel, Word and Outlook! There are other Microsoft Products that are useful, but these are used by approximately 80% of the World. I would confidently say that these are a "Necessity" and no longer an "Option" , if you plan on competing in the Workforce of today...and tomorrow!

The companies of today require that their employees know how to use the computer and these "Microsoft Office Suite Applications" that are used throughout the world. We also teach you how to work the Cloud and transfer data and so much more!

  • Over 24 years teaching Classes in my Training Center and off site for Multi Million Dollar Corporations

  • One on One Training as well as Classroom Classes

  • Present Thumb Drive with Videos Loaded on them that attend Classes

  • These Micro - Training Videos show how to perform the tasks that we teach in Class and you can reference after Class.​

  • Teach Saturday Computer Training Classes at the McNeese State University SEED Center in Lake Charles, LA when scheduled!

  • Will create Video for companies or individuals to address specific problems encountered in their daily work performances.

  • Receive "Certificate of Completion" after Classes are completed!