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We teach Microsoft Applications: Excel - Word - Outlook

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After our reorganization in our office, we will be concentrating on ZOOM Classes! In Lake Charles alone, there will be a tremendous need for "qualified" individuals to fill the need that the LNG Industry will be searching for in 2020, as well as many more of the companies that are rebuilding after the Hurricane Laura devastation!


I have promised certain companies that I will be starting a class in October of which I will administer Training in Excel, Word and Outlook. The Class will focus on these three Microsoft Applications, since the majority of companies throughout the world use them on a daily basis. I will hand pick 10 people to Train in the First Class. These 10 will become proficient enough to pass the Exam, which will qualify them as more knowledgeable than any office workers that I have known in Lake Charles.


My intentions are to open a "Staffing Center" that will be known for producing such "talent" and will be the preferred choice of Staffing companies for the corporate world to contact when there is a need for employees that are proficient in not only the daily chores of office workers, they will be able to accomplish so much more that the normal expectations that they are accustom to.